Make America What Again?

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6 MAGA justices overturned Roe v. Wade.

They took away the right to abortions for millions of Americans and turned the clock back to 1972. But they aren't stopping there.

They unleashed laws from the 1930s.

Michigan Republicans are trying to enforce a 1930s anti-abortion law—from a time when there was no right to contraception, same-sex relations were a felony, interracial marriage was illegal, and pregnancy was a fireable offense.

MAGA is even trying to enforce laws from the 1800s.

In West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, Republicans are trying to enforce some of the country's oldest anti-abortion laws, which date back to a time when only some white men could vote and enslaving people was still legal across the U.S. South.

They look back to the 1700s.

MAGA justices argue they look back to the original intent of the "founders"— white men who allowed slavery and lived at a time when women had to forfeit property when they married. And even then, they did not ban abortions in America's founding.

And even earlier ...

In overturning Roe, the MAGA justices even quoted an English judge from the 1600s—who also wrote justifying rape in marriage and sentenced two elderly women to death for witchcraft in 1662.

But we've defeated the MAGAs of previous generations before.

We've taken care of each other.

From before the country's founding, midwife-provided abortion was legal, safe, and common.

Abolitionists built an underground railroad.

And then helped end slavery.

Suffragists and workers won rights.

Suffragists helped secure voting for white women. And workers came together to secure minimum wage, workers' rights, and a two-day weekend.

Activists expanded those rights.

The civil rights movement expanded more rights to Black people through the fight for political and economic power. And activists won LGBTQ+ rights, including marriage equality.

We've made progress before ...

On November 8th,
we do it again!

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